"Getting Both Feet In The Door"

Getting both feet in the door.

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The fun part of sales is talking about the product or service you provide. That’s where you get the chance to share your passion. The hard part is finding the potential customer and getting an audience with the decision maker.

Do you want to take your business to the next level with a professional sales presence?

Are you so busy running your business that you don’t have the time to reach prospects through networking events and trade shows?

Do you already have a sales staff, but believe they could be more effective?

Would your business benefit from a proactive sales effort, instead of waiting for the phone to ring?

Are you good at making the sale, but can’t seem to consistently get to the right person to talk to?

 If one or more of these describe your situation, we have a solution. The Sales Department offers sales professionals on a contract basis. We have over 20 years of sales experience to just about every industry in the Pikes Peak region.

We believe in Relationship Selling, which is simply the process of creating sustainable connections with customers that encourage not only recurring sales, but also a sense of community. People continue to buy from people they like and trust.

The Sales Department invites you to find out more about what we do and how we do it. Subscribe to our blog for regular tips from our pros on how to maximize your sales and marketing dollars. Sign up for a free consultation where we learn about your business, answer your questions, and show you how we can energize your sales efforts immediately.

Need more answers before you take that first step? Our FAQ page has answers to the top questions we consistently get from our own prospects and customers. If you still have a question we haven’t covered, contact us, and we’ll be happy to chat. We practice what we preach, so you won’t get the high pressure approach from us.

One more thing. We are committed to the success of our own clients, so we limit representation of an industry segment by each of our specialists to a single client. If you’re considering our services, there’s a chance your competitors are also. Do you want to see how effective we are through your business or through your competitor’s?